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Strategic repricing with BENY... The Reprice Robot

Automated price optimization for online shops for all online marketplaces/price comparison portals worldwide

What is Repricing?

Recurring recalculation of product prices

Online marketplaces/price comparisons such as Amazon, Idealo,, etc. most commonly sell products that appear in the listings first or display the most attractive price. Through repricing, prices are compared with that of competitors taking into account delivery times and customer reviews and constantly recalculated.


Extensive market monitoring

BENY constantly monitors your competitors on the online marketplaces / price comparison portals selected by you and responds promptly. It helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in your product range.


Best-Price Strategy

BENY automatically calculates the strategically optimal price for the best possible listing of your products and also takes into account your competitors' delivery times, customer reviews, etc.


Maximum yield

Being just the cheapest on the market does not make much sense! BENY automatically maximizes your income through recurring price optimization so that you get the most orders at the highest price.

Why BENY ... the Reprice Robot?

1 tool automatically helps you reach 3 of your main goals!

  1. Achieve the best possible listing for your items
  2. Calculate the best possible and most attractive selling price
  3. Achieve the best possible margin

Your BENYfits

  • Respond flexibly and quickly to market changes
  • Overview of the entire market and competitors
  • Greater market presence by connecting several online marketplaces/price comparisons
  • Possible access to all marketplaces/price comparisons worldwide
  • Fast editing, even with large numbers of items
  • Reduced manual effort
  • Full automation possible
  • Standard software, including maintenance and development of tools
  • Platform-independent as a result of being web-based
  • All-in prices rather than revenue sharing
  • API for all popular shop and ERP systems
  • The only repricing tool with real artificial intelligence
  • Higher yield thanks to "Best-Price-Strategy"

This our customers say about BENY


"With Beny it's like running through a dark forest at night full of evil competitors and suddenly having the lights turned on. Extremely helpful!"

M. Hagen - Shop Optimierer/Shop Inhaber

"Since we've started working with Beny, we haved saved a significant amount of time. With a few clicks you have all competitors from eBay, Amazon and the price search engines under control."

Sven Bohn - TradeTeXX GmbH

"Beny ... oh Beny, without you we'd be finished. It's a nice feeling to have a tool vendor that responds to our needs."

likita GmbH (Schweiz)

"Thanks to Beny we save a lot of time. Instead of checking prices on the platforms manually, we can now use our spare capacity to do other important tasks. We also get quick answers to our inquiries. We are very pleased with BENY."

Sebastian Rode,