Market analysis for online shops and online marketplaces

Are you a wholesaler?

And would like to know what your competitors are selling in their online shop or on B2B platforms?

Are you a manufacturer?

And would you like to know whether your dealers in your online shops or online marketplaces comply with EIAs or agreements on your products?

Are you a manufacturer or an exclusive supplier?

And would like to know who distributes your products illegally in online marketplaces?

… then BENY B2B will help you!

BENY B2B provides you with all information about the online shops of your competitors or the competition activities on online marketplaces. BENY B2B provides you with evaluations of dealer/shop names, sales prices, shipping costs, delivery times & customer reviews. The recurring evaluations can be conveniently viewed online in the BENY B2B Portal and exported either via our API or as a csv file for further processing.

In addition, BENY B2B also offers you price suggestions!

Try BENY B2B for free now!

You give us the competitor and/or the website where you would like to conduct a market analysis, such as:, and you will have access to test BENY B2B for 14 days free of charge and without obligation.